Quality Policiy

  1. To take customer satisfaction into consideration in all our activities and to provide products and services in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted values and standards,
  2. To spread quality awareness to all personnel, to increase their knowledge and skills through training, to make them adopt the principle of teamwork and thus to ensure that they contribute to continuous development activities,
  3. To reduce costs and prevent customer complaints by meeting today’s requirements of quality, efficiency and on-time delivery at every stage,
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in the supplier-employee-customer circle and providing the necessary resources for development and ensuring their use,
  5. To protect the health of employees and the environment and to mobilize our human and material resources in accordance with these purposes,
  6. To ensure the continuity of the trust of our shareholders, customers and employees in our company in line with the principles stated above,


It is our company’s quality policy.
I expect all employees to carry out their duties with this understanding and wish them success.

Ali Rıza Erdoğan
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı