Throughout its growth in the industry, for Erdoganlar Aluminium creating a healthy working place and protecting the environment has been one of the top priorities.  To show our respect to environment, contributing to sustainability, Erdoganlar implemented Environmental Management System and ISO 14001 certified. Also, to save Energy and reduce carbon footprint we implemented and certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Erdoganlar, works inconformity with European Union (EU) Environmental Regulations and Local Environmental Regulations which in some cases more strict than International and EU regulations.

State of art fully automated new water treatment facility of Erdoganlar Aluminium started to work in 2014. Our water treatment facility treats 500 Tons of water per day and contributes to the protection of water resources.

Erdoganlar Aluminium is one of the first cromfree pretreatment chemical user in Turkey. With this step, Erdoganlar stopped using of chromium heavy metal that is harmful for nature and people.

After implementing Energy Management system, Erdoganlar changed old fluorescent lamps with more efficiency LED lamps.

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