Powder Coating

We produce powder coated materials in accordance with Qualicoat standards. Our renewed powder coating line allows us to achieve high quality surface finish and meet customer requests at high level.

Erdoğanlar Aluminium Powder Coating

Erdoğanlar Aluminium produces powder coated materials in accordance with Qualicoat standards. With the renewed powder coating line, a high level of surface quality is achieved and consumer demands are met at a high level. In addition to working with paint suppliers that are known in the field, all special and standard RAL colors are applied in these studies. Each stage passes through the quality control filter and high quality products are obtained. Some of the features of the state-of-the-art powder coating line are:

  • A completely closed painting line is used to avoid dust and residue on the surface.
  • There are 52 hanger bars. Also optional hanger design can be realized.
  • It has a production capacity of up to 1800 tons per month.
  • All painting equipment is Gemma.
  • The dosing unit supports Chrome Free pre-treatment.
  • PLC Automatic cranes are used.
  • For paints, there is an air-conditioned paint tank specific to the powder coating line.
  • Profiles can be produced up to 8 meters in length.
  • Oven capacity with “Power and Free” system is available.
  • Painting is done with a conveyor speed of 4 meters per minute.
  • Computerized infrared system is used.
  • There are 16 spray guns with photocell control.
  • “Seaside” front surface treatment is applied.

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