Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources vision; to establish a family of good people, good citizens who have reached a high level of consciousness and responsibility, employees who have specialized and mastered their work, and who have adopted work discipline and even reached the level of passion, and to make Erdoğanlar Aluminum a strong employee brand whose mission is respected.

Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment policy is to bring potential and talented human resources to our company by using tools and techniques that will provide equal opportunities to candidates and enable them to be employed in the most appropriate way.

In this context, depending on the nature of the relevant position; the candidates we reach from various sources are also included in the evaluation processes determined according to the position. In addition to interviews, our evaluation process includes personality analysis and English tests according to the levels and needs of the positions.

Orientation Policy

Our orientation process aims to ensure that our new employees adopt Erdoğanlar Alüminyum’s values and are ready to start their duties. During this process, our employees are informed about Erdoğanlar Alüminyum’s vision, mission, values and way of doing business and receive all the technical training necessary for their duties.

Education Policy

We see the training of our employees as an important element of the development of our company and we constantly invest in our human resources. Our training policy isto support our employees with need-based training to enable them to continue their duties with high motivation and performance.

With this approach, our employees are provided with personal development training and technical training to develop job / position-specific expertise and ways of doing business.

Career Management Policy

The basis of our career policy; to support the sustainability of our institution and to ensure that the employee progresses within his current level/level in line with his self-improvement. In our organization, our employees are given priority in career opportunities and their development is monitored with this approach.

Reward Policy

In order to ensure that our employees are participatory, to encourage creative and innovative ideas that make a difference, and to celebrate successes together, ideas that add value to our company are rewarded within the suggestion system.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Equal opportunity is the basis of our code of ethics, human resources policies and practices. In our company, gender, ethnicity, etc. No discrimination is strictly accepted. No employee can propagate his religious or political views at work, nor can he prioritize these views in his decisions. In the face of problems such as gender inequality, mobbing and sexual harassment in our workplaces, all our employees can report to the Ethics Committee without revealing their identities.

Social Dialogue Policy

We also support our employees to volunteer for all kinds of appropriate social and community activities in which they will take part with an awareness of social responsibility. In this context, we guarantee employee health and safety, working conditions, career management, diversity, discrimination and/or harassment in the contracts we make with our employees.

Ethical Principles Compliance Policy

All our employees are obliged to comply with our ethical rules. Within the scope of the orientation program applied to our employees when they start work; Our ethical principles, what can be done to support compliance with ethical rules within the company, the ethics committee, the functioning of the ethics board and application forms, and the processes applied in case of violation of ethical rules are conveyed in detail both verbally and in writing.

The evaluation and sanctions of the ethics committee are implemented in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Wage Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that qualified employees are remunerated fairly and competitively in the market, taking into account the volume of work and the skills and competencies required to be employed. The Remuneration Policy determines the remuneration principles and rules that apply to all company employees.

The wages of all our employees are managed with wage ranges determined for each level. In order to ensure wage justice, it is aimed that employees performing similar duties receive similar wages. For this purpose, the levels of duties have been determined depending on their authority and responsibilities. Wage levels and ranges are reviewed at each raise period.

In our company, a certain rate is determined as the Living Wage at each level, and monitoring and reporting is provided to ensure that employees do not receive salaries less than this living wage level.

It is essential that wages and other monetary payments in the company are private and confidential. Violation of confidentiality by the employee is a matter for the disciplinary board.

Remuneration policy and practices are one of the important factors in ensuring employee loyalty and improving performance. The following points are taken into account when determining the remuneration policy, which was created with the aim of attracting new talents to our company and protecting our high-performing employees;

  • Internal wage balance and budget possibilities,
  • With the job description and level of responsibility of the employees,
  • The individual performance of each employee,
  • The competencies of the employee are taken into account.

Wage increases are made once a year. In determining the increase budget during wage increase periods, it is submitted to the management for approval based on the criteria below. It is aimed to ensure that past inflation rates, the implementation of a similar wage policy for equal work, and that individual differences are performance-based.

It refers to material or non-material benefits and payments made in addition to the wage. It is determined by taking into account criteria such as job description, authority level and budget.

Job rank and salary are part of the contract between the person and the company and are strictly confidential. Employees are informed of the job level in which their position is located. People are expected not to share this information with others.

Performance Management Policy

Employee performance is monitored monthly by department managers. Two-month and six-month evaluations are conducted for newly hired employees. If there is a change in the wage level of employees who are promoted or have a change of position, the new wage is determined depending on the employee’s position within the new level.

Compensation Policy

Our compensation policy has been created with reference to the provisions of the Labor Law No. 4857 in force. In this context;

Severance Pay is provided to the employee whose service contract ends in accordance with one of the situations requiring the payment of severance pay specified in the Labor Law No. 4857 and who has worked for at least one year in our company; It is paid within the framework of the legal severance pay ceiling, based on the employee’s working time and wage.

In accordance with Article 17 of the Labor Law No. 4857, notice compensation is applied by notifying the employee that the employment contract will be terminated, and granting job search permission within the periods stipulated by law according to the employee’s seniority, or paying the wage in cash until the end of the notice period.


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