With highest technology and many years of experience; we achieve superior results on alloy selection; tight mechanical specifications and constant surface quality.

Innovation; With its structure open to innovation and aiming continuous development, Erdoğanlar Aluminium has always been the owner of pioneering innovations. Our Research & development department and experienced designers and engineers always creates innovative solutions for each customer requirements. In our in house R&D department we work for high efficiency and productivity for aluminium systems and parts from different industries. Tests new products and systems and certifies according to the international norms.

Using our in-house 3D printers, CNC machining centers and simulating software, we perform prototyping processes for our customers. Thus, from prototyping, to fist sampling, from first run production to serial production, we can perform all the steps in Erdoganlar Aluminium in the birth of a new product.

Erdoganlar R&D team also closely work with the R&D departments of our suppliers. We aim to develop new products and technologies with our suppliers and introduce them to our customers. These innovations, born out of our supply chain, add value to our customers and products, making them one step ahead in the market.

First fully automated anodizing and chemical brightening line in the region is one of the innovations of Erdoganlar Aluminium, this line also fully integrated to the our automated water treatment line.

Thus, Erdoganlar anozizing and chemical brightening line provides precise quality and decorative look to the parts, also, contributes to the protection of water and natural resources.